Address: Group 27, An Hai Hamlet, Loc An Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Tan Long Seafood Co., Ltd has been established since December 2010. Currently, the company is located in Ba Ria Vung Tau’s concentrated seafood processing zone planned at 27, An village. Hai, Loc An commune, Dat Do district, BRVT province.

With over 25,000 m2 of land, Tan Long Seafood Co., Ltd has gradually developed into a modern factory specializing in producing high quality steamed and steamed sea fish meal. The plant is designed around the green belt, the company has invested the waste treatment system under the most modern technology today by the Institute of Environment and Natural Resources Technology Transfer HCMC, consultants of Experts from Japan. Along the way is the waste water treatment system in accordance with standards and has been granted by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of BRVT province to certify the completion of the above two works.

TAN LONG Seafood Co., Ltd. has been established for about 10 years, but has affirmed a prestigious brand name and quality in the market as “Tan Long high quality sea fish” and constantly develop, Maintaining on the domestic market and reaching out to foreign markets.

The motto of our company is:

Quality creates trust
Price to create satisfaction
Value created successfully
The high quality of Tan Long Marine Fish Oil Mill is committed to customers: 100% marine fish (legal sea area in Vietnam)

The company is producing 02 lines with large capacity, enough to meet all needs of customers. The fishmeal line is invested by the most advanced and modern Thai technology. Steamed fish cooked by steam, producing high quality products with the characteristic smell of marine fish, keeping the maximum protein content, not harmful chemicals.

The advantages of Tan Long Seafood Co., Ltd:

Locations of raw materials near Loc An, Phuoc Tinh, Vung Tau, Binh Thuan, La Gi, …
Located in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province’s concentrated seafood processing zone.
Always comply with the HACCP quality and safety management procedures, (upcoming GMP +, IFFO RS, FIP).
It has invested and built a complete waste gas and wastewater treatment system and met the state standards.
Moreover, our company is always looking for and constantly improving, developing reputation and quality for the brand “Tan Long high quality sea fish”.
All products made of marine fish meal are of the best quality & stable, will surely satisfy and trust the prestige customers in the country.